Josh RoundsJosh Rounds, MPH, is the Coordinator of the Minnesota CoE.  Mr. Rounds joined MDH’s Team Diarrhea as an MPH student in 2007. During his time on Team D, he and his fellow Team D colleagues worked on several high profile foodborne outbreaks, including Salmonella Saintpaul associated with hot peppers and Salmonella Typhimurium associated with peanut products. After his stint on team D, he was hired as a foodborne disease epidemiologist  by MDH in 2009. Mr. Rounds’ academic work has focused on PFGE cluster investigations, in particular the characteristics of PFGE clusters that predict whether or not they will be solved. He has published two important papers on that subject – one on Salmonella and one on E. coli O157:H7 (bibliography, cluster investigation). He is a veteran outbreak investigator and has also published the results of selected important investigations, including the identification of new vehicle-pathogen combinations (bibliography).

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