Minnesota is an Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence
In 2012, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designated Minnesota as an¬†Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence. The Minnesota Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Health and the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, is committed to improving training, research, continuing education, and outreach related […]
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Key Points
We have created a series of brief summaries describing the key points for various foodborne outbreak detection and investigation topics. Current summaries include: 1) creating a successful foodborne illness complaint system; 2) investigating establishment sub-clusters; and 3) creating a team of student workers. More topics are being developed. Resources
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Background Exposure Data for Case-Case Comparisons
We have created a tool that provides an estimate of the background exposure rates for particular food items or other exposures. These frequencies are based on data from sporadic E. coli O157 cases that occurred in Minnesota during 2009 – 2013. FoodNet Population Survey estimates from Minnesota are also provided. Epidemiologists can use these frequencies […]
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